MRKT 4160: Business Development E-Portfolio – Personality Types

Throughout this course, I learned many key things that will help with my future career. However, among the many new things I learned, I found the following main element from this course very important to my future. The personality types element was definitely one of the most useful things that I was able to concrete into my mind.

The four personality types according to Carl Jung are:

Thinker: This person values logic, ideas, systematic inquiry. They need ample facts, data, and they want it to be orderly and logical.

Intuitor: This person values innovation, concepts, theory, and language. This person can be related to by referring to the bigger picture. Showing ample time and then stressing the time to help persuade them is helpful when dealing with them.

Feeler: This person is very people oriented. They are sensitive to peoples needs. They may have you wait for others before the meeting begins. They like to small talk. It is best to have the presentation for them in a personal environment; one must push the decision on them.

Sensor: This person values action. They prefer things done to be brief and to the point. They like looking at graphs and models. It is best to be verbal with them.

The activity Neil Tracey, our Professor, had us do in class was especially fun and interesting; it is something I will remember for a long time. We played a role-playing game where we entered a person’s office, and were to determine which personality type they were after viewing their office and chatting for a few minutes. I have now gotten the hang of identifying which personality types people are, a lot quicker.

Ultimately, it is extremely helpful knowing what personality style your potential customer is. If you know which style they are, you can approach them in an effective, well executed way, and in final hopefully increase the chances of gaining their business or account.

You should consider hiring me because by taking this course, I reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Identify multiple contexts in which new business development exists
  2. Examine advanced selling, negotiation and strategic account management abilities
  3. Develop profitable client relationships
  4. Identify Business Model Designs and other mathematical techniques like IRR, NPV, ROI, Break-even, Ratio, and others.
  5. Mane the competitive landscape
  6. Recommend strategies for dealing with ethical challenges in a variety of sales contexts
  7. Assess legal contracts

Moreover, I built upon my current skill base and added the ability to quickly and efficiently identify personality types and execute an effective plan in how to deal with them accordingly.


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