KMA Industry Tour – November 21st 2013

Note: You can also find this blogpost on the Kwantlen Marketing Association (KMA) website.

“I loved it. I can’t wait to graduate and get into the real world.” – KPU Business Student

The industry tour held on November 21st was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. Also, thank you to our generous hosts Concerto Marketing Group and Golden Lemon Creative – they are responsible for making this tour so informative and exciting. KPU students and members of the KMA witnessed what our lives may be like in the near future.

Here’s some information on our hosts:

Concerto Marketing Group

Concerto offers a full range of qualitative and quantitative research services. They’re a perfect balance of linking strategy, research and brand. They provide their clients with superb expertise and counseling in individual marketing disciplines.  Their belief is “knowing is better” this is adopted throughout their corporate culture and is seen through their work ethic. They provide full data; insight and analysis to their customers to better understand the market and consumer.  By building around these insights, Concerto is able to leverage the colours of psychology to connect emotionally with consumers.

Golden Lemon Creative

Gold Lemon is a group of engagers that manage various businesses social media campaigns. They focus on content creation, SEO, web design and profile management of all the major social media platforms. They service a diverse range of industries such as health & fitness, fashion, education and investment firms.

For this event, we were able to tour both offices and actually interact with employees and management. How cool is that? The tour was truly inspiring. Students were able to enquire and essentially ask any questions they had on their minds – directly, face to face. The students in turn received a satisfactory response immediately. Here’s a little taste of some questions asked:

– If you could go back to school, what would you do differently?

– Are the job opportunities better in Calgary or Toronto, compared to Vancouver?

– How do you deal with difficult clients?

– How are you able to find new clients?

– What was it like starting your own business? What were some difficulties you had to tackle?

Wouldn’t you love to ask these questions directly to a reputable business professional as well? Many students would.

Furthermore, Rob, partner and co-conductor of Concerto Marketing Group, stressed the importance of experience. He explained how schooling is necessary, but also how experience and networking are equally as important. He recommended that students try to network and gain some hands on experience.

All in all, we hope this post has enticed you to learn more about the industry tours we organize, please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Come out and share this experience with us. We are currently trying our best to organize as many of these tours as possible. Also, you are warned: the spots fill up fast – make sure you’re on our email list so you can register right away!

– Rajan Bains, Director of Events, Kwantlen Marketing Association


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